New Year, New !


We are customer centric and we take each feedback of our customer as a serious business, hence we have now come up with a New functionality with an improved user interface. All of these changes will be helpful for a new user to find value of the product.

These updates, we keep on doing it, to help our media owners and users to get the best out of systems to increase their business efficiency. Here is a few improved features to know the system.

New & Improved :

  • New Dashboard: The entire focus of a new design is on enhancing the user experience and ensuring that easy navigation for user.Dashboard: A new and improved dashboard not only gives you a clear understanding of business operations but also give you a statics of booked, blocked and available media status with an option to direct download current media status availability in Excel and PPT.
  • Side Bar & Navigation: To save maximum time of a user on navigation and make everything easily accessible, we have improvised the navigation system through side bar, where you can access all the modules of ERP and that too department and task wise.
  • Customized Side Bard & Dashboard: Filtration option gives you a customized dashboard where a user can access the information with relates to his KRA or as per the task assigned and he can focus and work on that task only. Here an administrator or a media owner can change the rights to access the information as per his wish or business requirements.
  • Filters: New added feature of filters, gives you an opportunity to share a media details or reports as per business or client requirements.  We have added extra features and have given them an option to filter for each activity.
  • Business Reports: We have created a an ERP tool in such a way that it will give all possible business insight to media owners to understand the what is working for them and what should be changed in next course of action.  There are various Business Reports which will be helpful for a OOH industry Entrepreneurs to understand their business insights. Reports like Aging, Media Occupancy, Media profitability, Booking History can give a better business insight to all the user and company.

We hope you enjoy these new design elements, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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