Why justooh.com for Outdoor Media Businesses?

In today’s Digital World, everything is getting digital; the world is undergoing radical changes.  Now everything is required on real time, not only your railway ticket, movie tickets or payments but business are also looking for solution or requirements on real time basis.

 We operate our business in teams with people in network and deal with so many people at a time. We share information and exchange messages and do communication. All these daily business tasks require technology and it has become part of our daily lives.

So, to save time and communicate fast and easily, to reach out to many people with solutions, all business in India are turning towards various digital platforms to make business more customer friendly and to provide effective and timely solutions.

Outdoor being a traditional media business still operates on traditional methods but media owners have not realized that they actually have become dependent on digital devices and apps to reach out to their customers easily to share information and media details, now the question is do they actually use business platform or ERP solutions for their businesses? The answer is no, they are not. Hence,  we at NewYug Softech Pvt Ltd., supports our Prime Minster’s vision of Digital India, so to make our Indian OOH industry more organized, strong and effective through digital platform we have created a platform justooh.com.

Below given are some of the reasons, why your Outdoor Media Business needs digital transformation with justooh.com.

  •   Analyze and track your business data at one click : We know you put so much efforts to check and analyse your business performance, hence we have made this task available for you at one click from sales reports to media performance everything here you get at Click.
  • Save your time on repetitive task: We know your employees take too much time to make campaign plans, ppts, purchase orders, quotations and to do other operations; hence we made it simple and one time task for you.
  • Stand Out from Competition: We make sure that you stand out from competition and reach fast to your clients and agencies by saving most of the time on making plans and doing repetitive task, because here you get everything at a click and with Justooh Mobile App you can track and monitor your business.
  • Focus on Sales: As you save time through justooh.com tools, you get more time to focus on your business development and with the reference of reports you can easily plan upcoming meets and campaigns with your clients.
  • Scale up your business easily: With the support of Justooh business tools, which saves your time and helps you to focus on business development, you can easily scale up your business and revenues.
  • Access justooh.com anywhere, anytime: We know the life hacks of media business owners. They manage too many things from home to business from family to employees and from social life to professional life. Hence we give them a solution to operate business from any device while they are on the move.
  • Save Paper, Save environment: We think Digital and believe in saving our mother earth and environment.  We expect businesses also to think Digital and save environment, while saving your money by using less paper. If you go Digital, you will obviously use less paper for your daily business operations, here on this platform we give solution to keep sharing online. So, it will not only saves Paper but environment too.
  • Affordable: We at justooh.com works towards our mission to bring business transformation and efficiency, we have created an ERP which is affordable for all type of business including small enterprises.

If above reasons are enough for you to know more about justooh.com then Call us for free demo on 9762530080 or email us at info@justooh.com

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